Our Mission

Our name--Texas After Violence Project--looks to the past while simultaneously imagining a less violent, more just future. We document the past--what happened before and after violent events--by listening to the first-hand experiences of people affected by violence, murder, and the death penalty. The voices and experiences of those most directly affected by violence and the death penalty are rarely included in mainstream media accounts of crime or sought out by those researching, debating, or developing policy. Texas After Violence Project explores violence, trauma, and the death penalty using oral history and digital media. Our mission is to create research and a digital archive that serve as resources for public dialogue and policies that promote alternative, nonviolent ways to prevent and respond to violence.

Our logo is a mockingbird, the state bird of Texas, encircled by a wreath. By choosing the state bird for our logo, we remind ourselves that our work is grounded in as well as nurtured and governed by our local context. Even as we are also aware of the way people, ideas, and events travel across boundaries, we remain committed to examining and understanding local histories and cultures. Texas leads the nation in executions, our cities have high crime and murder rates, and we have one of the largest prison systems in the country. As people share their memories and put their past into words, and as we listen to their reminiscences, we collectively create the conditions and the space for the emergence of new histories, new interpretations of old histories, and new visions of Texas.










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