Called the "peculiar institution" by one scholar, the death penalty is a central part of social, economic and cultural history in Texas. Yet, the experiences and voices of those most directly affected are rarely included in accounts or sought out by those researching, debating or developing policy. 

Texas After Violence Project explores the death penalty using oral history and digital storytelling. Learn more about our name, our process and our methods and the oral histories that are at the core of our work.


News and Events


Look out for TAVP's upcoming oral history workshops for citizen interviewers. TAVP will host a series of oral history workshops at community organizations in order to recruit and train interviewers who will contribute to TAVP's growing digital oral history archive. 

Our first oral history workshop is slated for late June. Look here for detailed information coming soon.






Spotlight Story


Kristin Houle is the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty's (TCADP) first executive director and has been in that position since December 2008. She moved around as a child, spending some of her early years living in Kentucky and Arkansas, eventually attending the University of Kentucky, from which she received her BA. In her 2009 oral history interview with TAVP, Kristin discusses her background; her growing consciousness of the death penalty; her development as a civil rights and human rights activist; her role as the first executive director of TCADP; her thoughts on progressive social movements in the USA; the public's perception of the death penalty and the death penalty's shifting position in the landscape of criminal justice in Texas. 

Kristin Houle's full-length interview is available at HRDI. Featured clips and her narrator page will be up soon.



Texas After Violence Project: exploring the death penalty through oral history.









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